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Friday, 6 September 2013

Ibiza Town

After a little snorkel (in which my mask kept leaking - I think my face must be an odd shape!) and a swim and sunbathe we decided to do a spot of shopping one day. 

The weather was better than it had been but we braved the bus to Ibiza Town. 

It was pretty nice there, the weather was hotter too so we set out to explore.

We kept to the port and stuck to the old town. 

It was really pretty to walk round.

Everywhere there were boutique shops and stalls and cafes.

It was touristy and a bit hippy but it was interesting.

All the walkways were decorated, it was really different.

This was all fine until we went to take a taxi back to the bus station and there were none to be had and then chaos ensued. But we did eventually get back - phew!

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