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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Visiting Bath

Kim's down visiting and we took a trip to Bath with my Mum and Sister Bronte, we started out with a bus tour which was actually pretty good and I got student discount. 

And we saw fudge getting made the old fashioned was which was interesting and it tasted absolutely amazing so we bought a slab for my Mum to say thanks for having us to stay because she loves fudge. 

Then we had a little look around the old Roman Baths, the water smells so gross. 

Then we went to the Thermae Bath Spa

I had to steal that photo because I obviously did not take my phone into the spa.. It was just like that only dark and blue lights in the water were on. It's on different floors, the bottom floor has a big warm pool in it with floaty things in, there's changing rooms and showers, a restaurant, 4 big steam rooms with scents in like lavender and then the roof top pool. You got given robes and slippers only once your robes were wet you kinda didn't want to put them back on again... so we kept pinching other peoples - we were the worst guests there I'm sure. 

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