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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Louvre

So... still on Christmas Eve (I told you we did a lot that day - we walked 12 miles!), Kimberly and I took a trip to the Louvre. I thought I'd been very clever by ordering tickets in advance... 

Until we discovered that we had to collect said tickets from a place 20 minutes walk away! UGH! You try walking past a million of these bakeries and tell me how you enjoy that. 

It was no good, we had to stop off for crepes. 

And hot chocolate. 

Om nom nom. 

When we finally made it back... we did actually miss the enormous queue to be fair... but my feet were unhappy. 

We finally got in. 

And then I was a really shameful art tourist. 

And only went to see... 

The famous pieces of art... 

Really though I was setting myself up for disappointment, the anti climax of seeing the Mona Lisa...

Or the Venus De Milo... 

Behind vast swathes of tourists of which I am one. But it wasn't all bad.

I saw some pretty weird stuff there too. 

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