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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Catacombes De Paris

By the time we finally got to our apartment in Paris and unpacked it was getting a bit late but we thought we'd try and fit in the Catacombs. The queue was massive because you couldn't buy tickets in advance, you just had to try your luck.

The queue was about an hour and a half so we split up and I left Kim to go and get rations. Embarrassingly our first meal in Paris was at McDonalds but we needed something to eat on the go!

Did you know the McDonalds in Paris have a separate bakery counter where they sell macaroons and stuff?

We got in just before the last admission and paid our 10 euros, which I didn't think was that expensive.

The catacombs are basically old abandoned mine shafts that run for miles underneath the city, one day the graveyards got too full and Paris had no where to put their dead. Look how many bloody steps I had to climb up and down.

So we trekked down some carved out tunnels and decorative bits and bobs.

And then to the bodies... artfully arranged.

They went on forever, the sheer volume of femurs and skulls.

Oddly enough I didn't spot a rib cage or pelvis the entire stretch though, no hands, feet... what did they do with them all?

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