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Friday, 19 December 2014

Taking Barclay To The Cattery :(

I'm going away over Christmas and can't take my beloved cat with me, which meant packing him up in the little cat carrier, which he was not amused with...

And taking him to the cat brig... aww poor little Barclay, but in fairness the cattery was absolutely lovely, ran by a really friendly family of animal lovers and in his little pen he has a litter tray, a little ladder leading up to a comfy sleeping box where I put his fleecey blanket he likes to sleep on and inside is a little heater that he'll have on over night. When they're cleaning it he can go in and outdoor pen to explore and they bought in all his favourite food brands and treats. So I know he'll be well looked after. 

But I do feel bad to be without him, poor old boy. The lovely Sarah (my friend from uni) dropped him off with me and after that we went to Blicking Hall which was near by where her sister got married (um, nice!!). 

And we had a nice little coffee/cake combo. 

And then we went on a muddy but pleasant walk/gossip where about 5 minutes after taking this photo I got electrocuted by the effing fence!! Not cool. 

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