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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Off To Paris

So Kim and I left Wiltshire, and set off to Paris, we got the tube to St Pancras.

And finding the Eurostar and getting through security etc was relatively painless.

Before we knew it we were there. I do wish they'd make the channel tunnel a bit more scenic though, they should make its replacement out of glass so everyone can see under the sea. In fact I'd even be happy if they just recreated this with tv screens. They need to look into that.

We got the Paris Metro to our apartment - the Metro is so good here, very fast and easy to navigate. This is our apartment - 

The showers kind of hard to use without splashing the floor but never mind, it's not my floor.

This is our courtyard, the apartment is one building back from the main street on the 3rd floor, and is typical of all the flats in this area. Heaving our cases up 3 flights of beautifully polished wooden stairs was not fun. 

Our bedroom's a pretty good size and also over looks the courtyard.

And the lounge is very comfy.

Although there's a mystery switch on the wall and we can't figure out what it does...

More later! 

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