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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Notre Dame

Check out these lovely Christmas cakes every bakery in Paris had in their windows. 

So good, anyways in my last post I was talking about what we did in Paris on Christmas Eve, we ALSO went to Notre Dame (we did so much that day). 

It was really nice, I like how it looks different to other cathedrals. 

And they had a nice statue of Joan of Arc, they had another in Versailles too actually come to think of it. 

And the glass was absolutely stunning, I adore stained glass. In one of my family's old houses there were two matching stain glass windows of sail boats I used to like until my step-mother covered them up with matching bookcases. Ho hum. 

And this is the back of Notre Dame. 

Notre Dame is very close to where people leave padlocks with lovers names on, we saw at least two bridges and lots of fences with padlocks on but the government has started to take some of the panels of the bridges down because the locks could be dangerous to the structure of the bridges because of the added weight. So we left our padlock here off a stone wall just in case so it wasn't removed. 

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