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Thursday, 25 December 2014


Kim, my Mum, my Brother Charles and I took a trip on our second day to Stonehenge which is just a short way from where my family lives.

There's a new visitor centre there and it has replica houses from the same kind of era that stone henge was made which you could go in which was nice.

And then you get ferried to the stones that are up the road. You used to be able to drive past them but they rerouted the road so that you have to pay to see them. It was the winter solstice the day before we went so there were still hippies and people wearing velvet capes about. 

And then we got a little audio tour around the stones but you could get close up to them. It was pretty good but they are a ruin, the stones are kind of dirty and there's not many left. Afterwards we got nice pasties back at the visitors centre and that was that until my mother got very emotional and had a little episode because I told her who won The Apprentice... yes actually. Sadly my family are pretty good at contingency plans in case of mental health escapades and my brother and sister rallied. 

Which is how my sister, her boyfriend, Kim and I found ourself in Swindon having a nice buffet dinner at an all you can eat place.

And Kim and I stayed the night in Swindon away from my mother and her Apprentice woes. Oh well. 

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