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Monday, 29 December 2014

Arc De Triomphe, Christmas Market & Nutcracker

This is a long post because we packed in loads this day. Kim and I started off at the Arc De Triomphe but we decided not to go up because... you know... stairs. 

I had read that every year from the Arc De Triomphe down the Champs Elysees they ran a Christmas Market so we headed off past all the shops towards it which was such a nice walk. 

And then we got to the market itself, there were all sorts of hand crafted things there and different gifts and souvenirs to buy. 

It was cold and busy but nice to browse. 

My favourite part was all the different food stalls though, they sold all sorts. 

I bought this delicious hot dog that had cheese already inside it - best ever!

And we got some mulled wine (vin chaud). 

And then we continued onwards! It was a long old walk, and it was cold and a little bit rainy. 

At the end of the market was this big ferris wheel, which we would have gone on except a certain friend of mine (who shall remain nameless - you know who you are!) told me that in a romantic trip to Paris she had... uhh... "pleasured" her beloved on said ferris wheel. So thanks for that nameless friend, ruined that one didn't you? I can't look at that wheel without envisioning it... oh yuck. 

Anyways, then we turned around and started to walk up the other side of the market, we stopped on the way to get hot spiced apple juice. 

Then we took a short ride on the metro to see the Moulin Rouge, but only from the outside. The tickets were like £100 each and I don't care that much about seeing naked ladies dancing (also I thought the film was just dreadful). 

After that we took another short Metro ride to the Bastille where the fortress used to be (the Metro really is very good in Paris). 

And we had some pizza at a restaurant with the slowest service ever. 

And then we went to the L'Opera Bastille. 

And settled down to watch the nutcracker ballet for Christmas Eve, and it was very good. When we finally got home I looked on my iPhone and it said we had walked 12 miles that day... no wonder my feet were sore! 

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