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Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Eiffel Tower & Seine River Boat Tour

I know it's New Years today (4th year of my blog!) but I'm being slow and this is what Kimberly and I did on Christmas Day, it was kind of odd to decide what to do with no family or BBC as is tradition. So we decided to take a trip out after opening our gifts (woo - stockings forever!). 

So we took this double decker train to the Eiffel Tower which I rather liked (novelty!). 

It was so packed, I pre-booked tickets but I could see a lot of Asian tourists that hadn't and they must have waited hours and hours. We overheard other English speaking tourists wondering why everyone else was out on Christmas Day, so many shops were open and christmas market stalls. All of the bakeries we went past were open - madness!

But we piled in the lift and up to the top we went. 

Why can't French people queue? This is a main fault of theirs, I'm sorry France but your poor ability to queue and rudeness will not do... French people looked genuinely surprised when I told them not to push in front of me, quite literally everywhere we went. Rant over, apologies to the French people who were very nice. We got some snacks on the first level of the Eiffel Tower, Kimberly got cream and waffles everywhere. 

And then we got up to the next level and had pink champagne, wasn't that nice. And only ten euros which I thinks not that bad really. 

Then we had a little shufty around. 

And back down we went - it was cold up there! I'd also booked a little river trip on a boat on the Seine. 

And that was nice and warm and pretty, even if the audio tour bit was bizarre. 

It was given by a recording of a male tour guide and the Seine river personified as this lady and they spoke to each other calling one another "my dear"... really odd. But you know... different cultures or whatever. 

That's one of the love padlock bridges and you can see where they've started removing some of the panels because they're worried about the weight of all the locks on the bridge. 

So then we parked up and went back to our apartment where we each had a decorative Christmas cake from the local boulangerie and some baked Camembert with baguette which I expertly prepared in the mad microwave/grill/oven thing I couldn't figure out. Come to think of it I don't know if I baked the cheese or microwaved it or grilled it... I definitely did something though and it worked.

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