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Friday, 2 January 2015

Disneyland & Fondue

On Boxing Day we got up suuuuper early and joined a tour operator's coach because we went to...

Disneyland! Aaaahhhh

I had been to Disneyworld before but my parents took me when I was 3 so I can hardly remember anything, but Kim's been before and has also been on a Disney Cruise randomly enough... I didn't know those existed but there we are. 

It looked lovely, everywhere was really decorated so it felt all Christmassy. 

But other than that it was a lot like any other theme park. 

The queues were just like any other theme park too sadly, even on Boxing Day it was rammed. We did the Buzz Lightyear ride with no line. 

But then it was queue time... next to French people... smoking... in front of the no smoking sign. Ugh. 

After this we could not go anywhere without queueing, rides, food, toilets... everything. 

And as nice as everything looked and all the staff were... 

And the tasty food was... (how many hot dogs did I eat this trip?? Millions)

And the rides were... there is a limit to how much queueing with French people trying to push past you and smoke in your face that I can take. 

Don't get me wrong, we had fun. 

Small World is still my favourite ever. 

But there were definite improvements to be made. And yes yes we could have bought fast passes to every ride, but why should we pay extra to go on a ride we already paid to go on? Ugh! 

There was a Walt Disney Studios Park too that we had a look round. 

And that wasn't as busy so we thought, until we spotted the 170 minute queue for this... err no? 

We did go on a lot of smaller rides though. 

We had booked transport to and from Disney with a tour operator and we got back really late. Luckily a restaurant I found on Tripadvisor let us in without a reservation, Pan Vin Fromage. And we had fondue... oh my god. Literally this was the best meal I've ever had in my life. So so good. 

If I'm ever so ill I need my food fed to me or liquefied or I'm on death row and need a last meal - give me this please. 

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