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Sunday, 4 January 2015


The day we went to Versailles was pretty wet and windy, we got the train there from Paris and got in using our metro tickets and then... well no one checked them so we got there for free - bonus! 

We had to wait in a really long queue to get in, luckily we were in between two couples with umbrellas so we were shielded from the freezing cold wind. And then in we got... it was very gold. 

It was also very Marie Antoinette, it was restored to her era and it was pretty obvious that people were more interested in her than all the kings who didn't get much of a look in in the souvenirs department. 

The tour led you through a pretty large amount of the palace I thought, and all the well known rooms. It was pretty busy as you can see but no where near as rammed as the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre or Disney. 

The ceilings and chandeliers were lovely. 

This is Marie Antoinette's bedroom, outside the gold railing is where she'd go when she was ready for all the ladies to attend her. 

There were a few bedrooms they let you see but without anything in them like hair brushes or clothes or any personal items it was hard to imagine them being used. There were a few portraits of Napoleon thrown in for good measure about the walls. 

I always think Napoleon looks a bit like my dad. Anyways, we stopped by half way for a quick lunch which was nice and then by that time the weather had improved. 

Unfortunately the gardens and the Petit Trianon were closed for the weather. We'd prepaid to see them so we went for a refund and chaos ensued... Perhaps you'd better ask Kim what happened on that matter. 

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