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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Working Working Always Working

I am on the last 3 weeks of my module 5 placement and as my University has changed their policy from allowing 8 sick days over 3 years to 0 sick days there have been extra shifts to do, as I also have to work at my paid employment as an HCA I have been extremely busy and tired although my lovely mentor I have for this placement has been keeping my spirits up. 

I feel as though I haven't had five minutes to myself and as Kimberly also works a lot it's been difficult to match up schedules. But I did get to go and see Testament of Youth this week at the cinema which was such a good film and a true story. The trailer is here.  

I went to Cinema City in Norwich which is in lovely listed building that's been tastefully modernised, the tickets were cheaper, the food more interesting, the seats were plushy and comfortable and not only that but I met an old school friend working there part time whilst he works on his own films. I really do recommend going to Cinema City, the website is here, you can take wine into the cinema and I didn't see one screaming child the entire time... I didn't see any children actually. There was a nice looking restaurant there too which I'd like to try out in the future. Anyway must dash, off to work... again! 

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