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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Out And About in Connecticut

So I've been visiting my friend Kim who lives in Connecticut and before Boston (more on that later) we spent some time around CT. It's pretty here, look at the university Kim went to... makes my university look like a bag of crap... concrete crap.

I've enjoyed doing more mundane tasks like grocery shopping, taking time to examine all the weird things I find, do you know they don't sell squash? Just this nasty stuff you squirt in the water (don't even bother trying it, it's so gross). I found a bottle of Ribena in the foreign food section. For real, next to chocolate digestives that WEREN'T McVities. Disgusting.

We went bowling, where they DON'T take your shoes... is this because Americans, unlike the English don't want to steal bowling alley shoes? Who knows.

And we won Spongebob themed temporary tattoos at the arcade.

I went to the mall one day whilst Kim was at work. You guys, the mall is full of old people that meet up, not to go shopping, but to power walk round the mall. Seriously, they didn't go into any shops, they just were walking round the mall in twos and threes. Despite being surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's weird.

Coming up... my trip to Boston.

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