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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Gatwick - JFK

You guys... My flight sucked, firstly I was super early to the airport and had loads of time to kill, and then whilst I was charging my phone I got accosted by some random man that looked like crocodile Dundee and then preceded to tell me his life story, literally down to his family tree. I then made my excuses to leave after I'd charged enough where upon he shook my hand and said his name was Rob and that it was lucky he'd got back to England at all as he'd had pneumonia for the last three weeks... Several liberal dousings of hand gel later I decided to wait at the gate. 

I boarded the plane which was fully booked, not only did I have a screaming child in front of me... Check... His mother who hand her seat continually tilted back so I could see the tv (until I accidentally in purpose kicked bumped and pulled on her chair and this was rectified), check... Not only that but two randoms sat next to me who then went on to what I could only describe as a plane one sided romance. 

I had the window seat, in the aisle seat was an American in her mid twenties flying back home and inbetween us we had Mr sanctimonious twat. A posh wannabe hipster who bored Miss America to death with his overbearing musical taste of what's "decent these days". Oh what a bell end. As I gathered from over hearing his pathetic attempts to woo poor Miss America he was going to study for a year in "Philly" only he knows that's such a "preppy school" and "um yar, that's totally not what I'm about, harhar"... Ok... Douchebag. 

Then I watched the book thief which was actually very good... And then the meals. You guys I'm one of those people that love aeroplane food, I love the little tray with compartments and everything fits in it's little area... Not this time. It sucked so much, firstly the crappy air hostesses stood next to Miss America, Mr sanctimonious twat and my row of seats and discussed at length if they had enough meals for us. Then we had no choice and all got chicken with rice which was worse than hospital food... I know because I work at hospital. If they NHS can afford decent food then why can't an airline I'm paying bloody loads to? Although Mr sanctimonious twat obviously enjoyed it as he are both his meal and Miss America's as both her and I declared it inedible. 

When we landed it was 7.35pm. 

When we got off the plane finally it was 8.30pm.. 

And after immigration it was 9.45, worst flight ever!!!! 

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