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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Boston - Day Two

Day two was a bit manic, we got the subway (no rats sadly) to downtown Boston. 

Then we went to take a historical freedom trail tour through parts of the freedom trail for an hour and a half. 

It was really good, the guide was dressed up in period costume (he must have been so hot in the sun!) and was very funny.

As the only English person on the tour I was the enemy of course but it was all in good fun. 

Then we took a really quick trip to Salem, we'd planned to spend the afternoon there and left our luggage at the train station but the left luggage place closed at 5 (lame) so we only got to spend an hour and a half looking round. 

And buying tat... And watching witches get dragged through the street. 

The graveyard was interesting and sad, there were lots of children and young people that had died.

Then it was time for ice cream (this was a small).

And a walk back to the train station where we had to wait for five long hours

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