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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Boston - Day One

So we took a greyhound coach to Boston (Bwoarston!), which was surprisingly comfy and had free wifi (score).

You guys, the USA has prettier motorways than we do, they're so scenic. And so far during my stay I've seen loads of deer and 3 groundhogs. FYI groundhogs look so cute. 

Then we checked in our hotel, and got out to see the city. 

We went and got lunch at Cheers, one of the replica Cheers bars which was busy but very nice. 

Nom nom nom.

Then we looked round Quincy Market and I got a Christmas decoration shaped like a lobster and some Boston Red Sox red socks. 

There were loads of street performers there, apparently you have to audition before you're allowed to perform. 

After we mooched round, my dear friend Kim and I went for a Duck Boat tour which was surprisingly really good.

It went round the city and then into the water and round the harbour (haahbaa). This is the US Constitution, looks a bit piratey doesn't it? Apparently it's still in active naval service but like... Come on... It's obviously not is it. Who'd send that to war? 

Anyways more later about my trip to Boston. 

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