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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Toronto - Wonderland & Medieval Times

Our second full day in Toronto was not exactly very classy or cultured. We spent the day at Canada's Wonderland - a big theme park which was really great. One ride closed temporarily because it hit a Canadian goose (yes, really!). 

And then we raced through traffic to Medieval Times, a medieval themed jousting restaurant (yes, really!!). 

You go in and get assigned to a knight, we got the blue knight and matching blue cardboard crowns (stylish). Then we went into the jousting arena and got introduced to our 'serving wench', our napkins had the menu on. I wimped out and got the vegetarian option because i don't want to eat meat off the bone! You guys... I don't want to touch a bone with my mouth. Ew. 

All the plates and tankards were ye olde style and there was no cutlery. 

There was all sorts of horse tricks and fancy footwork and galloping about 

And of course jousting, and our knight was doing really good. We were sat next to someone who apparently goes all the time because his friends work there and they get him in for next to nothing. He said it wasn't fixed but there are certain knights that are better than others and they mix up the colours they are; it was very theatrical. He said the horses were really pampered and afterwards on the way out there was a little window you could see into the horses stables which I think is good to know they're treated well. 

In the end the yellow knight and the blue knight (sworn enemies!!!) were locked in a sword fight which was very cheesy and choreographed but it was very funny and the family sitting to one side of us had their little girl crowned princess which she was thrilled about. Cheesy as the entire night was, it was really entertaining and I suppose that's all the counts isn't it? 

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