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Monday, 25 August 2014

Toronto Adventures

So we set off into Toronto on our first full day in the city, and we started with the CN Tower... It was ok but it wasn't all that great. I think it looks nicer from outside as part of the view than as somewhere to view from. 

Then we took a look round St Lawrence's food market, there was so many different things there! Including (sob) live lobsters... I just hate to see them there waiting to be boiled alive. 

I got a crepe which I then spilt down myself (cuz I'm so cooool), then we browsed tacky Canadian souvenirs. 

After that we took a ferry to Torontos Islands, which were just lovely, it was $7 for a return trip and they're basically a huge island park. 

We hired this funny two seater bike and went for a spin, I ended up driving because Kim was terrible which is worrying as she drove us everywhere in the car. 

The island had a nice sandy beach down one side too so we got ice creams and paddled. 

By the way, check this out - Toronto has black squirrels. There were tons of them! 

After the Islands we went to the Castle board game cafe, where you pay a fee for an hour ($2.50) and you can play any of their games. 

And have a coffee and food if you want as well. We played Candyland, Guess Who, Jenga.

Does anyone even know how to play mousetrap? Seriously, everyone had that game... Even after reading the instructions I was stumped. 

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