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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New York

So after a crappy flight the day before my travelling chum Kimberly and I took the subway from the ghetto into New York, here's a photo of a rat we saw.
We had tickets for the Top of the Rock observation deck so that was good, the view was good that day.

Then we walked over to times square and had a mooch round the shops there.

Then it was off to see Cinderella on Broadway.
The costume changes were so good, I was really impressed.

It was baking outside but the air conditioning made it frrrreeeezing. Before we drove back to Connecticut we went to Ninja, a restaurant. It was pretty dark and all the waiters were dressed as ninjas and kept jumping out at everyone, the place was full of screams every now and then.

Everyone had their own private alcove to sit in and we got some drinks, the menus were scrolls (that the waiter jumped to our table with and unfurled them in one move making us jump again!).

All the dishes with a ninja death star next to them came with a performance, we saw our neighbours get dishes that were on fire and all sorts.

As the place was pretty gimmicky I figured the food probably wouldn't be amazing but it was actually really great (and such huge portions!).

Between our main course and dessert a magician came to our table and started doing different magic tricks (which again were very good), although he did think I was Australian (surely not guys?!).

And then we shared a dessert because the main course was so huge and it came complete with dry ice. Very cool... you know, if you're immature like me. I thought it was expensive for a meal out but for all the performance and atmosphere you got with it I think it was very reasonable.

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