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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Well after the flight in we arrived at the Termini station in Rome where our hotel was very conveniently located and then we crammed ourselves into this with our luggage...

It was a VERY tight squeeze but as I was not heaving my case up 5 flights of stairs; sardines it was. Our room was small but very nice and had glorious air conditioning so that every day when we came back from being out in the hot dusty weather it was a bit like stepping into a fridge. 

The best part of all though was our little private roof top terrace, it was so nice to sit out in. I even decided I would water the plants until the house pipe sort of fell off and water went everywhere.... I abandoned the plan then. 

The bathroom was all in order and very tidy

We weren't brave enough to try the bidet though. Once we ditched our cases we decided to pop to the local supermarket to pick up some drinks and snacks. 

There were more Asian tourists about Rome than there were Romans! But I enjoy mundane things like this on holiday, doing normal things you'd do at home and seeing the differences. Like the more Italian Coke names I thought were funny. 

My prize purchase was this mystery gum that I thought was kind of funny. 

Simple things... we went to dinner the first night and I was excited about this too, instead of sachets of ketchup, sachets of parmesan.

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