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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Zoo marine

Rome in August is hot... very hot. In fact many Romans leave the city and take their holidays during August and we decided we'd join the Romans and take a break a little way out of the city at a water park called Zoo Marine - it only takes so long until you are sick to death of looking at ruins. 

We clambered onto a free shuttle coach in Rome that Zoo Marine offered after we took the metro to the pick up point. It was rather stiflingly hot and full of Asians who'd had the same idea as us. It was also full of Romans, all of whom seemed to have great issues in queuing. So much so that one family shoved their little boy to the very front where he proceeded to save about 20 seats - we took great delight in sitting in these saved seats and pretending not to know what he was on about when he explained they were saved. The Asians genuinely didn't know what he was on about and also sat in the saved seats. Mwahaha. 

First we went to a high diving show, which was rather good. 

Then a lovely dolphin show, the animals all seemed very well cared for and were very cuddly with the trainers. 

Also there was a baby dolphin that followed its mum about during the show, I liked that they didn't try to separate them. You can see him in the water on the photo below. 

Then we took a much needed dip in the pool area which was large but as it was full of Romans the boyfriend and I could spot each other a mile off because we were so very white. Being pasty does have it's advantages. 

The pool session was briefly interrupted by a well greased muscley Italian in his 50s in tight speedos with hair like Rachel from Friends (which he shook round as he posed) standing on the island in the middle of the pool area and started to lead aqua aerobics. He was soon joined by three girls in Zoo Marine bikinis young enough to be his daughters and they lead the enthused pool people in a nice gym session. The boyfriend asked if I wanted to join in; I did not, I was getting enough exercise by laughing. Coincidentally around this time we decided to get out of the pool and go to the seal and sea lion show which was very pleasant. 

We sat and had an iced coffee before it was back on the hot coach with the pushy Italians. 

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