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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Off To Italia

Well chums I'm back from Italia and I'm afraid I have rather a lot to show and tell so expect lots of holiday blog posts. After a little petting session with Mr Pussycat we set off to Heathrow.

The journey was rather rubbish, traffic everywhere, road works, lane hoggers but we eventually got to Heathrow. I do like Heathrow compared to the other London airports, it looks nice and modern and clean(er?).

We checked our bags relatively easily and quickly, we used the BA app to store our boarding passes etc on our smartphones. Next stop was duty free and we had a browse, I didn't buy anything; I never do! I never think things are that much cheaper than the shops back home really.

Then we sat around at our gate and waited... and waited

Then it was time to board, hurrah! We had quite a nice plane on the way out where it was just two seats each side on the aisles and three in the middle and we got to pick our seats free so we had nice window seats without having to sit next to any randoms.

I like taking off and landing best, I really enjoy flying. Once you're up in the cloud kingdom though there's not so much to see. 

We got amused on the flight by obnoxious Italian teens on a school trip drawing on their classmates faces. As you can see this lucky chap got a mono brow, side burns, a spectacular moustache and goatee.

We got some food on the flight too, but as it was only a 2 and a bit hour flight it was a full meal but my wrap was very nice.

As was the wine. I like all the little miniatures.

The boyfriend scored with 4 shots... he didn't have them all on the flight though. I wonder if they give people free alcohol to make the flight a bit more enjoyable for the staff, lots of merry passengers. 

Over the alps

And then to Rome


And then, a scary transfer ride on Italian roads with the kamikaze mini bus driver... ahhhh!

To read more about my holiday click the August tab on the right hand side and see my posts or click the "Rome" tag below. 

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