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Sunday, 25 August 2013


Italy is favourite for food but the food in Rome can be pretty hit or miss. Firstly you have to find somewhere that's not so touristy that all your food is cooked in a microwave, secondly you have battles against somewhere too Italian where you can't guess what the menu items are and you pay for thimbles full of coffee. 

We found food, pretty much wherever you went, was very reasonably priced. Drinks however were not and you have to really pick where you went. 

Water that you could buy in the supermarket for 30 cents was available for 4 euros... err... no? We walked out of one restaurant because they wanted something ridiculous like 6 euros for a can of coke. The trick is to find places to eat that are a little further away from the tourist spots. 

I've never eaten so much tiramisu and gelato in my life!

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