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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Vatican Museum

Our first full day in Rome we went to the Vatican on the metro, Vatican City is walled so it was a bit of a trek. 

But then we were there before we knew it, the queue was absolutely obscene, I have never seen anything like it, easily a good two hours long with ticket scalpers all along it trying to make people buy guided tours. 

Luckily I'm a holiday nazi so I had pre-ordered tickets and had them ready printed so off to the front of the queue we skipped.

I expected a lot more religious history but it was a real assortment of things (some stolen from other places as you can see below)

Lots of stone and lots of art.

This was a long corridor of all sorts of statues and busts of people and gods.

The building itself was really ornate, lots of lovely décor. 

Very intricate ceilings in each room.

There was a hall called the marble zoo where there was a ton of marble animals.

I liked the arch ways.

Part way through I got a bit bored of all the marble... 

But then we moved into pottery.

And I really liked the map room.

Where there were ye olde maps of the world

There was a bit of religious history but not tons

Some tapestries, and then... 

The Sistine Chapel

Where I took some very sneaky photos

But it was so crowded and loud I didn't find it awe inspiring or anything. 

I tried to find Norwich on all the maps and finally was successful! 

Next, off to the rest of the Vatican.

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