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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Vatican City - St Peter's Basilica

So after the Vatican Museum we took a trip to see the rest of Vatican City which was guarded by these fine fellows who are, I think you'll agree, rather splendidly dressed - the Swiss Guard.

It was busy out the day we went to the Vatican and also the Italian and Argentinian Football teams were visiting the Pope but we didn't see them (how rude of them not to visit us!). 

The basilica itself was lovely.

There was some construction going on but you could still walk around. 

We stopped off by the fountains for a drink in St Peter's Square for a while in a small scrap of shade.

Then it was off inside, it was rather large up close.

It was all very ornate inside.

Again, lovely ceilings - I'm starting to think we don't appreciate the ceiling enough in England.

I was a bit rubbish at reading the Latin inscriptions but I'm sure they said something about Jesus etc.

St Peter's remains are also meant to be here.

I don't know if you can make out a small gold chest there in the middle? I think the grave is meant to be underneath or something where they found an assortment of bones, however some of the bones included farm animal bones... so who knows who's grave that is, a saint's or a chicken's. Either way, it's very nicely decorated, I'm sure whoever's grave it is would think it's pleasant. 

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