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Monday, 2 July 2012

Philadelphia BBQ Macaroni Cheese

You know those TV ads with recipes on? I decided I'd make some macaroni cheese using Philadelphia  (I promise I don't advertise for Philadelphia or puff pastry, I know I talk about them a lot but I'm just weirdly obsessed - should Philadelphia or the puff pastry people wish to pay me I'm totally game).

First I cooked my macaroni

Then I got out the Philadelphia ready for mixing up, it said to use 120g of it but I thought "meh" and just tipped the whole thing in otherwise I'd be stuck with 80g of Philadelphia in my fridge I'd forget was there.

Next I added in my milk, then some cheese and salt and pepper.

It was at this point I was reading through the reviews on the Philadelphia and saw a few "nice but a bit bland" and "needs more flavour" reviews. Panic set in. I did what every good English woman would do - cupboard raid! I then came across some of the boyfriend's BBQ glaze - perfect I thought! In it went.

Gave it all a little mix until it got all lumpy and gross.

Drained my macaroni

Then I cut up my tasty honey roasted ham from the deli counter and drained my sweetcorn.

Mixed everything together.

Topped with some cheesy goodness.

Then into the oven for 15 mins.... yummerz, it came out great and the boyfriend had seconds - a hit!

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