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Sunday, 8 July 2012


We have new neighbours - not that it matters because we're moving next weekend. But the neighbours have a tiny, minuscule Siamese cat... who HATES our pussy cat. We only noticed when he decided he'd come into our kitchen and start tucking into pussycat's food, our pussycat shot up the stairs like a flash and hid, despite him being roughly three times the size of little neighbour cat. He would only come downstairs again when we'd shooed out little neighbour cat and coaxed him down stairs. 

And then they sat like this for literally about an hour occasionally hissing at each other

Even when pussycat got spooked and left the door, little neighbour cat was still glaring at him, watching, waiting.

Our kitty has kept guard ever since and hasn't wanted to go out all day, and I keep getting the giggles. 

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