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Friday, 6 July 2012

Turn Back Time - The Family

I've started watching Turn Back Time - The Family lately (episodes are on the BBC iplayer now for all you Brits). It's a TV series where they've taken this row of terraces, gutted them and re-decorated them to look as they would have done in different time periods over the last 100 years in England.

All the insides look pretty good, so far we've had Edwardian times for the first episode and the second was the 20s and depression. The next episode is the war years and the 40s.

There are three families the viewers follow. Their family trees are looked at and they assume the life of one of them e.g. lower class chauffeur, upper class mill manager etc.

Here's the lower class family having their things taken away by the government so they can receive welfare in the depression.

The upper class family having a nice little stroll

The lower class family who are servants for the upper class family

The TV show didn't focus too much on the middle class family, maybe because they seemed to get on quite well with minimal drama! Well worth a watch if you have the time.

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