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Monday, 23 July 2012

Heavy Petting

The boyfriend fancied a look in Currys the other day so whilst he did that I had a look round Jollyes Petfood Superstore - it was awesome!! Look, they had chickens!! I really wanted one (four)

So then I had a little wander round, found a sleepy rat


Some sort of gerbil type thing really enjoying it's wheel

Quite a lot of fishies

A few bunnies

The best was the chickens though. I did eventually make it to the cat aisle and found this for my little fur baby, best £2.50 I ever spent. My cat gets bored of toys so quickly but he loves them. They're called Incredibubbles and they're peach flavour (who ever knew cats liked peach?) and they take a while to pop but they're not toxic so kitty was in his element chasing and attacking them like a mad thing. Jolly good I say. 

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  1. Cute!! Your button is on my page now, FYI :)