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Monday, 9 January 2012

All that Glitters is not Gold

In the last few days I saw my dream car advertised for a fraction of it's normal price

Yes don't laugh, I love smart cars. Anyway so it's a smart car, the convertible version, purpley blue and the paint has glitter in it! Seriously, my ultimate perfect car!

BUT after a check was run on it, turns out it's been written off previously, not badly, cat D which is like superficial stuff like scratches on body work, nothing serious and in 2008 so obviously it's been running fine since. It should be silver but obviously it isn' going to see it tomorrow night I think but the seller didn't tell me about it voluntarily and I sent her a message to say could she tell me any details about what happened... so far mysteriously silent.

Anyways we'll see, tomorrow should be busy, day off from work, funeral and then going to see the car nearby.

Let the lesson be learnt...

The paintwork that glitters may not be gold...

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