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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Test Drive Disaster

Remember my dream car?

We went to test drive it last night - my god some people are dishonest. After being told there were no faults, no work needed to be done and being encouraged to test drive it (foolish given the state it was!)...

We pulled away, the airbag light immediately came on, the rev gauge didn't work at all, the oil light came on if you went over 30, the steering was aligned, the suspension made weird noises.... what a wreck! Which was such a shame as it looked lovely from the outside.

Of course we drove it back to the seller's house and her step father (a mechanic) asked how it was. We obviously said we'd be leaving it thanks but no thanks and told him about the faults and each and every fault he tried to make out like it was no big deal. I'm surprised the whole thing hadn't blown up, especially with the oil light coming on! Overall - a lucky escape!

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