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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Going on a Bear Hunt

Me and my dear beloved often enjoy watching Bear Grylls programmes on discovery. I think he enjoys them because they're quite funny and interesting; I enjoy them because of impending sense of doom for society as we know it from zombies or war... anyway...

The other day we were watching some new episodes and saw he had a tour of talks - awesome!

Only the closest date is in London... and the tickets are about £40... and it's on a Monday. So I guess we can't really afford to go which annoying what with the tickets and train fares and day off. Boo.

But I cheered myself up by getting the Bear Grylls iPhone app for the much more reasonable price of £1.99.

I gotta say, it's actually really fun and it has some good stuff on other than the info parts and videos and instructional stuff, it has gadgets! My favourite is the one where you type in things and it flashes it (BRIGHTLY) in morse code. Fun.

So anyway I'm a little bummed we can't go to the tour but I've ordered his latest book so hopefully a lot of it will be in there. After some further reading on Bear though, I feel a bit sorry for his wife. They live on a houseboat on the Thames with their three sons, and then the rest of the year they live here:

A remote Welsh island where they are the only inhabitants, no TV or phones etc and... surely the worst bit... in one article Bear said that him, Shara his wife and their three sons Jesse, Huckleberry and Marmaduke (yes, really) all bathe together! I like my family... but the idea of bathing with them all together is not even slightly appealing. But then again neither is drinking my own urine or eating a raw snake, sorry Bear, lets agree to disagree and next time, come visit Norwich on your tour!

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