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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

To be, or not to be (green)? That is the question

Every year I am just so excited to buy a Christmas tree. I love the smell, I love the look, I love to decorate it and whats more... Barclay loves it too...

But like clockwork... every year I am heartbroken to get rid of my lovely tree. I leave it as late as possible and last weekend (much to mine and Barclay's regret!) we had to take it to the dump where it gets chipped and mulched... oh my poor tree.

I loathe fake trees and my family has never had them, I think they look tacky and fake but I feel awful with my lovely trees being chipped and mulched in the dump! What a waste of a tree to be used for a month, especially when I always get potted so they don't die.

So next year... I may do the unthinkable and get a .... *shudder*... fake tree. Bleurgh. Or perhaps no tree at all. I really do hate fake trees. :(

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