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Sunday, 2 November 2014

He's So Fancy, You Already Know

So I'm a crazy cat lady, and recently Mr Barclay and I have moved house... near a main road... so unfortunately Mr pussycat can't go out for now. 

Aww look he has a heart in his fur! Anyway... so I've bought him a few things lately to keep him amused. First off cat grass, this is really good, I got it at pets at home and you just add water (although you can buy the seeds alone if you're less lazy than I am - let's face it, you probably are). Only cost about £2! Bargain. And it's been a couple of days and the shoots are coming through. 

Secondly I bought him cat-nip bubbles which he really likes, at first they confused him but then he realised he could lick the bubble wand and have a short drug induced roll around on the carpet. 

Next up, feathers on a stick, the classic. He like's this if he's having a mad five minutes before bed time. 

I got him a cat harness too for him to explore the garden which went great until he figured out how to escape it! I'll be putting it on extra tight next time for little Houdini. 

But his favourite activity is watching outside the back garden window... 

For his enemies... squirrels, other cats, birds, bats. You name it, he hates it. 

Look at his new bow tie argyle collar, how sweet. And that's the kitty update for the new house. 

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