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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Live & Kicking

Settle down everyone, settle down, I thought I'd tell you a little story as I'm on placement at the moment and haven't been out in forever! It was 1999 and I was 11 and super excited because my dad's work friend's mum (stay with me here) was the producer of Live N Kicking (if you aren't English, this was a kids tv show that was on in the morning on the weekend in the 90s) and I got to take 1 friend - ohemgee how exciting! 

Only kidding, they didn't say oh em gee back in the olden days. Fierce were the band playing... 

I hope you guys realise how cool I am. Anyways so Rachel my beloved childhood BFF and I got all dressed up (cue disgusting 90s clothes) and went to the BBC studios and my dad waved us off after our bags got checked by security (so official!!). We were herded into a little room and given a goody bag and told where to leave our stuff. And basically we got moved round the studio to cheer. Culminating in the best event of the day - Rachel getting hit in the back accidentally by Mr Blobby! A real celebrity! Ahem. True story. If you non-English people don't know who Mr Blobby is, this is he. 

Very exciting, I think you'll all agree, just have to excuse myself to listen to the Mr Blobby song... Anyways at one point I was sitting in the audience for the interview for one of the guests of the day, Jennifer Saunders, whilst Rachel went to watch some football mini game they had. I think even then we weren't excited about Jennifer Saunders... What kid watched French and Saunders? But look!! There's a video of the interview on YouTube I found!! Aaahhhh!!! And I'm there!! Fast forward to the interview and the camera pans onto the audience up and along the stairs, I'm second up and on the left - the one that continually plays with her hair. And if you needed further convincing when everyone else is clapping I'm waving madly at the camera... I guess that's why they missed my close up... Rude. 

If you guys want autographs you'd better line up. 

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