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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Walking Out

I had a bit of a walking day today, I walked over ten miles all in all. 

There's a chunk of Marriott's Way near to my student house so I thought I'd have a little investigate and walked to Drayton as I had the afternoon off from Uni. 

It was so nice, it wasn't that busy and all along it were little pieces of art or carvings. 

It was so pretty with all the leaves everywhere and really bright out today. 

As I got to Drayton and decided to turn round the sun started to set. 

Which was really pretty, and all the wildlife started to come out. 

I even saw a deer! I counted 16 different animals I saw. 

So that was nice but then it was reallllyyyyy darrrrrkkkk but I only had a little way to go so it was ok. 

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