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Thursday, 18 September 2014

What I Got Up To In Tenerife

I'm not gonna lie, I was lazy by the pool most days in Tenerife but here's what I did get up to... 

Our first day away from the hotel we went to Siam Park, the worlds best water park. There were some pretty cool rides but my favourite part was the cool beach with imported sand and 4ft wave machine. 

We picked a good day to go too because it was boiling, the floor burned my feet!

The day after that the boyfriend's mum wanted to go to a musical night... you guys, musicals aren't really my thing... at all. In fact I don't really like them. But saying that the show wasn't too bad, the performers worked really hard. It was ok, however unlike an older couple who were chatting to us I don't think that I would go 3 times. 

The next night for dinner we went to... jousting! If you're a regular reader you might remember I saw some jousting just recently (25 years with no jousting then twice in one year?!). 

So it was kind of similar to the Medieval Times in Canada until it got uncomfortable. They had a black dwarf who worked there only they had made him dress as a jester, so this made me feel a little uncomfortable. I felt much more uncomfortable when they sent him on stage in a grass skirt, greased up to juggle fire... so yeeeah. 

They also had dancing afterwards which they didn't have in Canada. 

The last day we went to Loro Parque which is a zoo. 

They had a load of animal shows including Orcas. 

And dolphins, parrots and sea lions. 

They had a penguinarium with a moving floor revolving around the outside which was really cool. 

There were a ton of other animals and about a million parrots!

They even had a breeding program and baby centre. These parrots were only a couple weeks old.


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