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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Back in Connecticut

So after the state fair it was back to CT for a day or two so. Random thing that's weird about America point one - in Connecticut they call off licences 'package stores'. 

Look what came as a side to my breakfast omelette at IHOP one morning; pancakes. As a side. I could not finish them as much as I wanted to. 

Random thing that's weird about America point two - all toilet seats have a chunk missing... and no one seemed to know why... mysterious. And yes I made you this photo montage of toilets, isn't it lovely?

Not surprisingly I am no better at mini golf across the pond then I am here. Boo. 

It was Kim's birthday, I co-made this funfetti cake, isn't it beeeeaaautiful?

Random thing that's weird about America point two - Americans are weird about religion... This was on TV when I switched it on in the New York Hotel whilst I got ready. It was a man promising that god would forgive people's sins if they paid him $1,000. No mention of where the money went or what it was used for. So weird. 

I found this on a table in a coffee shop. 

This came through Kim's mailbox. 

And this was in the mall.

Isn't that just so intrusive? Like... I don't want to join your religion, stop bugging me. It's so in your face. 

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