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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Last day - New York

So I flew back from New York and that meant a long old drive back to JFK to park up, not long because of distance but long because of the insane traffic. It was just gridlock almost the entire way. It was Kim's birthday too so to say sorry for making her drive to JFK and back and to wish her a happy birthday we went to a spa in New York called Aire Baths. It was all fancyyy. We walked in and got special wristbands that unlocked out lockers where we had a robe and slippers and a towel. There was this attendant there that was hovering over us trying to be helpful (which she was) but it was like having a servant, she even insisted that she squeeze out our swimsuits after and put them in little ziplock bags for us. 

I had to steal this photo of the baths cuz I didn't take my phone in there. There were all different pools, a tepid one, a hot one, two freezing cold ones, a jacuzzi one and a salt water one where you floated. There was also showers and a really big steam room, a warmed marble seating area and curtained areas for massages, candles were absolutely everywhere. We each had a massage, mine was really good and relaxing.

You got two hours in the spa which was just the right time and then we got out and got showered and dressed. All the showers had shampoo and conditioner etc and there were mirrored areas with make up wipes and hair dryers and straighteners. There were even hair brushes you could borrow (um... no.. ) and a swimsuit drainer machine with purple ziplock bags. 

So that was really cool, we both left smelling gorgeous and we walked a little way to the Crosby Bar where we had booked afternoon tea. I hadn't realised other countries never did afternoon tea, the whole bar was English themed. 

They had lovely Wedgwood china, Kim got flowering tea and I got Earl Grey. 

And we had nice pink tiered plates. It was a lot less formal than afternoon tea at the Goring in London. 

But it was still fancy, even the bathrooms looked fancy. Sorry America... rest rooms... they even had a little chair should you wish to rest (ugh... why do they call it this?). 

Then we decided to go to ground zero and see the 9/11 monument... which wasn't really that interesting. If you wanted to read any information or do anything other than look at the fountain you had to pay to go in the museum. There weren't even many places to sit there so we were only there 5 minutes.  

Then I had a lovely long delay on the plane for 4 hours before an overnight flight with a screaming baby... oh joy. 

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