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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Question - how do you finish your poster assignment for school when you don't have Microsoft PowerPoint and you have booked yourself into a couple shifts at work?

Answer - use the library computers at work before your shift!

Question - how did that work out?

Answer - not so good, the damn computer crashed just before it was time for me to start my shift and I had to stay an hour after work!!!

On the bizarre side of life I left the library and noticed in amongst the computers and medical books there was a skull?!

Sir Thomas Browne's skull to be exact, apparently a notable doctor from Norwich. It was removed from his grave when his coffin was accidentally damaged by workmen, the skull was removed, sold to a surgeon (err?) who in turn left the skull to the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital on his death (as you do) and there it has stayed. 

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  1. Hi ! It's only a replica of Browne's skull on display. After many years of arguing between the hospital and St. Peter Mancroft, his skull was re-interred at the church in 1922, the register states he's 316 years old. A stone marks the spot where the skull was re-buried. Seeing this skull on display opens the writer W.G.Sebald's book, 'The Rings of Saturn'.