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Monday, 5 November 2012

Placement Woes

So as I may or may not have complained to you I have a placement bloody ages away from my home (despite my home being next to two different hospitals!) and consequentially I have to stay in hospital accommodation... not happy. Although luckily the actual placement itself should hopefully be interesting and fun.

So as I'm staying away tonight I had to pack my bags last night and let me tell you - they feel heavy. Particularly the laptop. Pussy cat did a little sniffing inspection before I left but both bags passed.

Some kindly soul gave me a little miniatures pack of toiletries last Christmas which were handy to take away with me - also I felt good about using them up. I think I must be difficult to buy for because every Christmas I get tons and tons of toiletries that sit unused in a box I have for the toiletries (that's how many I get) until they are used or (more likely) I throw them away because I haven't used them. This is especially true of make up. I was rummaging through the toiletries box last night and found eye shadow and nail varnish that someone had bought me when I was 12... I am now 23, they really must be thrown away. Incidentally if anyone wants seriously old make up/nail varnish do feel free to root through my bins!

So I looked like a bag lady, luckily as we headed towards the end of the day I got offered a lift to the accommodation I'm staying at so I got to forgo the crappy long bus ride! Hurrah! So now I'm settling into my little room, it's a flat of four rooms and there are other girls that are already nurses who live here permanently, all very nice. 

It's a bit basic. It reminds me of when I lived at a hostel. But its next to my placement, free wifi and I know two other people staying here on their placements which is good.

Hopefully tomorrow all goes fine :)


  1. Hi, Just found your blog. I'm a second year MH nursing student :) I feel your pain about placement, my last one took 3 yes 3 hours to get to by public transport...I spent more time on the bus then I did at the blinking placement!

    Hope it goes well :)

  2. Thank you Laus - so far so good!