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Monday, 19 November 2012

Jamie's Italian - Norwich

The boyfriend and I took a trip for my birthday into Norwich to go to Jamie's Italian, one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants that's recently opened. 

The restaurant is in the old Waterstone's shop in the Royal Arcade for those of you from Norwich and it was really very large upstairs and down. The menu had a lot to choose from, the only drawback was that a lot of it was in Italian.... which neither I or my boyfriend speak so a few things we had to guess on what they were which was a bit of a shame because we didn't want to keep asking the waitress what 'porcino' etc was (mushrooms - bleurgh). 

The place was rather dimly lit so I apologise for the dark photos! I got san pellegrino lemonade - it always reminds me of my old boss Nick who used to buy it for lunch and play with the foil on top. 

The boyfriend got the bread basket to start

And I got an antipasti, and we both shared some and some. 

Then the boyfriend had tuna pasta

And I had a small portion of sausage pasta in red wine sauce, I had a small portion (you can choose to have some pasta dishes as starter sized) especially so I could fit in dessert. And when I got to dessert they were out of the three best desserts (out of about 6 and ice cream!)... so we just didn't bother. That was really disappointing, especially as it wasn't ridiculously busy. 

So all in all, ok but not anywhere near as good as Delia's, the dessert situation really let them down. Work harder Jamie!


  1. Thats a shame, me and my husband really enjoyed the food, must be a hit and miss thing ;(

  2. The food we had was good but I think I just expected a bit more, you know?