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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Date Night - Nando's!

The boyfriend and I went to Nando's for date night on Friday night

I had butterfly chicken (which came out heart shaped, how nice!), garlic bread the boyfriend and I shared and ratatouille. I hadn't tried ratatouille before but it was really nice, it's like a French stewed vegetable dish - I'd recommend.  

The boyfriend had the manly half chicken with coleslaw and chips. I don't think I'd want a half chicken, firstly I don't like to eat meat with bones in it, secondly I always picture a chicken being sawed in half haha. 

It was nice anyway but we went to the Nando's at Riverside in Norwich where you can't actually book a table so it was queueing up and packed full of people who kept opening the door and letting freezing air inside! At least I got to use my NHS discount. 

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