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Friday, 18 April 2014

London - London Eye & London Dungeons

I went to meet my lovely friend Kim in London on Monday, it was £70+ return on the train so I decided to say eff that and go for the £9 return Megabus which only took an hour more each way and actually ended up arriving half an hour early each way. The only draw back was that to get in early enough to meet Kim at the airport it looked like this outside when I got up and I felt like death. 

But I made it there in one piece and we got down to some serious tourist-ing, I was being my traditional holiday-nazi self and I made a strict schedule complete with plastic wallet with my name on... oh yes. 

It's Easter time so the crowds were heaving everywhere we went, we decided on the London Dungeons first. There was no photography so unfortunately you only have a view of the gift shop but it was ok, despite smelling of that fake smoke stuff. It'd probably be more enjoyable for children if I'm honest but it was something different and the actors were funny and good. 

By the time we left the Dungeons the crowd had dispersed for the most part and everything was lit up which was very pretty. 

And we got a great view on the London Eye, if you go and your visit allows it, definitely go after dark. 

Apparently if the London Eye is full the owners can make £15,000 every half hour! 

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