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Saturday, 19 April 2014

London - Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Pub & River Cruise

We booked a tour of the houses of parliament but we turned up a little late (oops!) so we had to wait til the next tour. In the mean time Kim and I had a wander around the outside of Westminster Abbey. It was busy busy... to be honest I didn't even recognise it. 

Then it was time for our tour with... you guessed it - no photos. Sigh. We went all round the House of Lords and the House of Commons (which was my favourite place). We had a snooty tour guide who moved slowly, thought a lot of herself and looked disapprovingly at other tour guides - when a different tour guide corrected her I thought she'd claw his face off. You weren't allowed to swear in the House of Commons apparently, it's one of the rules for the MPs. I made sure to swear lots before we left the room. 

Also in our tour group we were treated to a rude Scottish couple who tried to 'shush' me before the tour had even started (errr, excuse me?!) to which I replied that they should probably go in front of us because I would be talking whenever I wanted to, which they declined lol. They then preceded to loudly answered every comment and rhetorical question the guide made and hold everyone up because one of them couldn't walk very quickly... so... they were pleasant company.

Then we walked down the river a bit more in the sun for a pub lunch. 

The Mayflower is the oldest pub on the Thames which is based where the ship the Mayflower (you know, the one with the Pilgrims?) set sail. 

Then we went on a Thames river cruise, which was very nice in the good weather. If you'd like to see the first part of our trip to London click here.

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