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Sunday, 20 April 2014

London - Globe, St Paul's Cathedral, Trafalgar Square & Fish & Chips

My dear travel companion fancied a tour of the Globe; I however wasn't so bothered as the Globe is just a replica of the original Shakespeare's Globe but we went anyway and... it was closed for tours. Oh well. 

And then we went to see St Paul's Cathedral... from the outside cuz I'm not bloody paying to go and see a church. Churches should be free and I resent having to pay. St Peter's Basillica in Rome was free to enter in the Vatican so the Church of England's gotta be high if they think I'm paying them. Would I make a voluntary contribution? Absolutely. Would I pay £16.50 for a ticket? Hellllllll no. 

Then it was off to Trafalgar Square, sadly absent of pigeons... now I know what you're thinking, they're vermin. I know, I know. But they're also really sweet and when I was a little girl I absolutely adored feeding the pigeons little crumbs and having them land on me. It was charming. 

Which is why I made it my duty to feed any pigeons I saw whilst I was eating food to preserve the spirit of Trafalgar! 

I got the impression my travel companion (American - so this also may explain it?) was tired when I explained the battle of Trafalgar and Nelson to her and the epic battle at sea on the boats because she asked if Trafalgar Square was the location of said battle. It was not. And so we called it a day and went for fish and chips and Fish Central. Yum :)

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