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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Yes I Yell At The TV

Since I changed from my regular desk job as a secretary to a nursing student and part time HCA my schedule's been different from the Monday-Friday 9-5 and the unthinkable has happened. I occasionally catch day time TV, I seem to catch no end of quiz shows whilst working on assignments. 

They're the sort of thing I put on in the background then find myself getting irritated with and turning off the TV. 

I've discovered that these shows have 3 key ingredients; know it alls; cheesy hosts and incredibly low prize money that seems almost impossible to actually win for the poor hapless contestants. 

Pointless is my least favourite, the boyfriend sometimes watches this when it's my turn to cook dinner and I find myself getting wound up and shouting the answers at the TV. Also, the host is the smarmiest of the smarmy quiz hosts, I just can't stand him. You might recognise him from those god awful insurance adverts, I'm not sure if he's been in other things but the fact remains that he shouldn't have been! Sometimes when answers are revealed by the little factual answer man in the corner he'll wait for him to say the answer then nod along and say ah yes of course it was such and such and I just think... you didn't know that answer, Mr Smarm! Be away with you. 

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