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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Preparations

My Christmas preparations have been rather shoddy this year due to me being on placement until this week and also working and so I have failed dreadfully on such things as Christmas cards. 

Pussycat and I have been keeping the tree watered though and our decorations arrived by post, hurrah. 

And the advent calendar has being going strong. When I have a 12 hour shift this is what gives my very early morning a slight lift. 

So this week I finally did some Christmas shopping, I got in super early and asked the boyfriend to drop me off one his way to work. This of course meant that the shops were not quite open and I was forced to eat a delicious breakfast. 

And then, I struck, I was the first one in and out of all the shops, look at the emptiness - glorious!

I trundled along happily and when it started to get busy around 11ish, out of the city I popped off home. Brilliant. 

This is the future of Christmas shopping. In other news one of the previous occupants of our house has been sending us christmas presents by accident, so far we have been sent a game for people called Richard, The Hobbit on DVD and also a book about the game show Pointless.... all I can say is that I think we have saved someone from some mediocre gifts this Christmas. Also due to the digital age of information stealing the invoices included with each order have no information for which to contact the actual owner of these gifts! I wonder what we'll be sent by mistake next. A week ago I was at home and a delivery driver dropped me off one of these - 

Very sadly he realised his mistake, brought us the correct package and building work was unable to commence haha. 

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