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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wedding Nazi

I like organising things, and I have been termed the "holiday nazi" before because of my stringent planning. However, in the post the other day I got a very exciting invite...

To my friends wedding and she said she was still thinking of wedding favours, have I got any ideas?
Err... have I got any ideas?
STEP ASIDE! This is a job for the holiday wedding nazi!!

Ok so here's my favourite ideas so far..

Lottery tickets or scratch cards

Cutesey, cheap, fun and good for a Saturday wedding as you can announce the draw!

Personalised Rock

Again, pretty cool but remember, rock is the destroyer of teeth

A Photo

You can hire a photo booth and all your guests could get cool photos of your day BUT - pretty pricey!!

There is of course the traditional sugared almonds, personalised M&Ms or chocolate that I always eat during the enormous wait between actually getting your food and sitting down but - why not look at something non-edible to make impatient people like me starve slowly at your venue? Like a cookie cutter

Or miniatures to drink to the happy couple!

Or if you want to be less boozy and more choosy you could give people seeds of your favourite flowers to plant in their gardens. Or candles... but when I thought about the last time I burnt a candle I was left thinking a while...

Not a fan of novelty gifts... who on earth would ever require a novelty wedding foam football keyring?

Who's idea was that????

On the more functional side of life which the holiday nazi in me likes, check out these luggage tags that double up as name cards...

Here's the most rubbish idea I came across in my searches - a thoughtful poem or proverb. Err... no. Not allowed, not on my watch you cheapskates.  No favour at all is better than that!

What do you think?

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